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  • 六年级英语带翻译作文3篇

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    1.Sunday, 20th September星期日,九月第二十

    Today, I had a good day with my parents. In the morning, we went to the park and had a picnic there; in the afternoon, we went swimming and watched a film, it’s very interesting. After that, we went home and I did the homework. I had a good time today.


    2.it was me six years ago.这是我六年前。

    I was a little child, I was short, I had small nose and big eyes.


    I could walk, I could read and draw.


    I could not surfed the internet and wrote letters to my friends. I could not ride a bike, too.


    3.protect the Earth保护地球

    To protect the Earth, we should reuse water and save water, we should save energy, we should use paper bags and glass bottles.


    To protect the Earth, we should not waste water , we should no driver so much because cars use a lot of energy. We should not cut down too many trees. We should not use too many plastic bags bottles.


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