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  • 春节压岁钱英语作文

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      篇一:压岁钱Lucky money

      The spring festival is the loveliest in China, which is comes in February. Everyone loves it so much that prepare lots of things of the spring festival before it comes. In the spring festival holiday读后感450字, people do many things, such as eat the dinner on the New Year‘s, set off fireworks, stroll the famous fair likes “Baiyunguan” fair.


      On the first day of lunar, the young generation congratulates the old generation with “Happy New Year!”


      Then the old generation will give the young some lucky money which wrapped with red paper or red envelope. Because red is a color with joyful. Lucky money means the old generation‘s love to the young and hope them can have a good luck in this new year. This is the lucky money which lots of the young want.


      篇二:Kids, How Would You Deal With Your “Lucky Money”?

      Kids would be overexcited during Spring Festival, for the simple reason that they would receive “lucky money”from their parents as well as other elderships.

      According to ancient custom, the elder generations put a certain number of money in a red envelope, and give it to the children of the family, wishing that the children would grow up healthily and happily.

      How to reasonably deal with those “lucky money”is a serious question for parents and children alike. As far as I am concerned, two ways below are worth to be considered. One sensible way is to save the money for higher education. With the development of economic and urbanization, the competition is becoming more and fiercer. The demand of people with high degree is increasing, which means, the threshold for a “white-collar”job is higher and higher. Therefore, accepted into a college is viewed as a necessary and an initial step for a good job. Given the increasing cost of college education and postgraduate education, saving the “lucky money”is at least an economic guarantees for higher education. The other way is investing, and by investing I do not mean buy stocks or bonds, but investing in self-improvement. For example, purchasing some books, literature, politic, philosophy, whatever you like.

      As Bacon said, “reading makes a full man”, investing in books you are interested in would expand your knowledge and improve your attainment. However, not only books could attribute to self-improvement, art and sports or other skills could also do. Invest some money to learn piano, guitar, etc.; or to learn dancing, swimming, tennis…Or just to learn how to drive is a worthwhile acquirement. All in all, you could name other good ways to use“lucky money” of course, as long as it is worthwhile, and saving for education and investing in self-improvement are definitely among them.

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