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  • 高考英语作文范文参考

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    At present,playing computer games is becoming more and more popular with people读后感开头,especially with school students. Take Tom and Mike for example. Every day after school,they go to the computer bar to play games till late at night, and they often have a competition to see who wins more scores.

    Once,Tom didnt go home until eleven oclock at night. When he got home读后感开头,he told his mother that he had been going over his lessons. Poor mom!She believed him and cooked two eggs for him. Take more care of yourself as you work too hard读后感开头,my dear son. But Toms face turned red at his mothers praise. Later he made up his mind to work really hard.

    he 读后感开头 狗猫鼠读后感 读后感的英文 鲁西西传读后感

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