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  • 关于国庆节的小学英语日记带翻译

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    On the national day night, accompanied by my mother, I came to the West River of Jiujiang Confucian forest square to watch fireworks.


    The fireworks have not started yet, and the Riverside Avenue and the Rulin square are full of people. I wish the fireworks would start soon so that I could have a look at them.


    All of a sudden, we were startled by the sound of "bang". Quickly looked up at the sky, found that the fireworks began, the crowd then boiling.


    WOW! The fireworks are colorful and beautiful. Beautiful fireworks add infinite vitality to the dark sky. Some fireworks are called sparkles. When they rush to the sky, they rush to the sky like a white rocket, that is to say, when they unfold, they start to be red. In a flash, they turn green. Then they scatter on the earth, like green stars falling from the galaxy. Some fireworks are called butterflies flying. They swim to the sky like a happy fish. When they bloom, they stretch out here and there like a white flower bud. Their charming smiling faces are very beautiful.


    At last, a red fireworks was set off, scattered like a red lantern, blinking and falling slowly. This countless lanterns, like my mood at this time, are reluctant to give up, hoping to set off fireworks longer and longer.


    I hope the fireworks on national day will be more beautiful every year, which symbolizes the prosperity and prosperity of our country.


    I love the fireworks on the national day night, and I love my motherland even more!

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